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Ferei BL200 High Quality Bike Light
Ferei BL200 High Quality Bike Light
Ferei BL200 High Quality Bike Light
Ferei BL200 High Quality protected battery
Ferei BL200 High Quality Bike Light

Ferei BL200 1600 Lumen Bike Light


** Now with Massive reduction from £144 to £99 **

BrightBikeLights are pleased to stock this high quality Ferei 2014 Dual XM-L2 LED 1600 lumen Bike Light

We think this is just about the most beautiful bike light we have ever seen !

Built to Fereis high high quality specifications and with an innovative design and pre-programmable secondary light level

Mounting is over the handlebar stem giving the advantages of a powerful centrally mounted light


Ferei B series bicycle lights utilize state-of-the-art high intensity LEDs and lithium-ion battery technology for maximum brightness, extended runtime and superior portability.  This Ferei BL200 1600 lumen light is a top quality piece of lighting equipment made with the care and attention that Ferei are becoming renowned for.


The Ferei BL200 features a unique centre mounting position and mounts directly over the handlebar stem,this design ensures that the twin LED light sources are exactly where they should be - centrally mounted and extended away from the handlebars to be clear of gear and brake cables.  The difference this gives is evident by an even, centrally focused beam pattern without any interference.


The Ferei BL200 is a bike light unlike any other. Two deep, oversized orange-peel reflectors channel 1600 lumens of light from two of CREE’s very latest XM-L LEDs. The BL200’s beam is nothing short of a ’wall of light’ and easily illuminates targets at over 200 metres whilst illuminating the foreground with a smooth and even light pattern. The BL200 features a selection of eight programmable light levels for the secondary light mode.  All light levels and multiple flashing modes are accessed by a single rubberised button.  Selection of the secondary light output level is retained even when the light is disconnected from the battery.

A bright green/red battery indicator LED gives constant feedback of battery charge status so you are never left in the dark and the robust unique quick-release clamping system makes attaching and removing this unit quick and easy.



The BL200 is built incorporating several safety features.  The BL200 features a unique thermostatic circuit to regulate temperature and prevent overheating.  The Ferei four cell battery pack is weatherproofed inside a tough exterior case and contains circuitry to protect against over-charge and over-discharge.   

Whether you are commuter and wanting that extra degree of safety or you are pro downhill mountain biker or trail blazer tackling night events, the BL200 has you covered.

 The all-new Ferei BL200…Try one today and be blown away.  Imported into the UK by BrightBikeLights.


About Ferei 

Ferei are a manufacturing company based in China rapidy earning a reputation as a producer of some of the best high quality bike lights and headlights available.  BrightBikelights is very pleased to enter into a partnership with Ferei.  The BL200 is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase.

We feel sure at BrightBikeLights that this top quality Ferei light will be a hit.  It offers unique features not available on any other light in the market today.

BL200 Features

  • Unique compact twin head design using the latest Cree XM-L LEDs
  • Centrally and forward mounted for the optimum positioning of the light source
  • Easy selection of secondary light level from a total of eight levels, the secondary level is retained even if the battery is disconnected.
  • From two hours runtime on full to a massive 20 hours on 10% (which is still a very usable light level) 
  • Four flashing light modes can be selected 
  • Clamp system to totally secure the light yet allow for quick and easy fitting and removal (no tools needed)
  • Toughened ultra clear glass lens and alloy reflector produce a seamless beam with optimal focus
  • Military grade aluminium body resists scratching and corrosion and effectively dissipates heat
  • Water resistant O-ring sealed construction guards against inclement weather
  • Advanced battery level indicator flashes to indicate level of charge
  • Patent moon shaped reflector which prevents the beam from disturbing approaching vehicles and reflects the beam to extend it over a greater distance
  • Weatherproofed battery which incorporates circuitry to protect against over-charge and over-discharge
  • UK specification smart charger

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