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Bracket - GoPro and Garmin
Bracket - GoPro and Garmin
Bracket - GoPro and Garmin
Bracket - GoPro and Garmin
Bracket - GoPro and Garmin

Mount - GoPro and Garmin compatible

  • Mounts on most handlebars (25mm to 31.8mm)
  • Puts equipment in a centrally mounted position
  • Includes a standard Garmin compatible mount
  • Includes a standard GoPro compatible mount
  • Easy to fit and remove

This mount allows you to position equipment centrally in a position where it is optimised for easier viewing and operation.


The mount clamps securely to handlebars and has a Garmin connector on the top and a GoPro connector on the bottom.

Either the Garmin or the GoPro connections may be used or both can be used at the same time.

This mount is ideal for use with the ITUO Wiz-XP2 and Wiz-XP3 light sets especially as these lights are supplied with a remote handlebar switch.


The mount is also excellent for use with the ITUO Wiz1 and Wiz2 lights, and can be used with any devices with GoPro and Garmin compatible connections.




I have to say I much prefer this to the offical Garmin mount, the extra length makes it far easier to see my Edge1000 and combined with the XP3 light underneath leaves my bars less cluttered.

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