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3000 lumen Solarstorm X6
3000 lumen Solarstorm X6
3000 lumen Solarstorm X6
3000 lumen Solarstorm X6
3000 lumen Solarstorm X6

Solarstorm X6 3000 lumen light set


Powerful 3000 lumen light unit

Available with standard 4 cell battery pack or extended Samsung 6 cell battery pack (8400MaH)

'O' ring mounted for flexibility

Excellent for Helmet or Bar mounting - helmet mount included

Mountain Bike light / Cycle Commuting Light (long run times on lower power)


The Solarstorm X6 uses 4 CREE XM-L U2 LEDs and produces up to 3000 lumens from a unit weighing just 135 grams

The X6, whilst being larger (and more powerful) than the X2 is still ideal for flexibile use and can be bar mounted, helmet mounted or mounted on a headstrap for added functionalty (see 'Accessories' for the optional headstrap)

Perfect as a Mountain Bike light and cycle Commuting Light.  The higher power settings are especially useful for off-road mountain biking whilst the longer run times that can be acheived on lower power settings are ideal for cycle commuting.  Also available with an extended run time Samsung 6 cell batter pack (8400 MaH) - see options above.

The X6 is mounted using 'O' rings and is supplied with a helmet mount (suitable for attaching to cycle helmet), rubber cased waterproofed lithium-ion battery pack and battery pouch, as well as a UK model smart charger

The X6 is tough and reliable, offering up to 2 hours 15 minutes on full power, 5 hours 20 minutes on mid power and around 9 hours on low power

Operation is by an easily accessible switch on the rear of the light unit - easy to use even whilst wearing winter gloves

Three green LED's next to the power button show the battery charge - 100% to 67%, 66% to 34%, 33% and below - a warning light will blink indicating 10% charge remaining (or less)

The X6 has a very generous light unit to battery pack cable length of 94 cm and a unique light to battery screw connector (see image below) which provides a secure and weatherproofed connection 

Altogether a powerful and flexible light unit 


Technical Details:

Brand: Solarstorm Name: X6 Color:Black
Dimensions: 55mm(D)×45mm(W)
Emitter : 4×CREE XM-L U2 LED
Circuit: Power indicator system, Low-voltage alarming system,temperature control system.
Mode and dimming: Low-Mid-High, hidden SOS, button switch.
Lumens: 3000Lums - 1500lums - 300lums - 2600lums
Waterproof: IPX-7
Net weight (light unit not including battery):135g

Cell Options: 
4 cell standard

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