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WIZ-XP2 1500 lumen - remote switch
WIZ-XP2 1500 lumen - remote switch
WIZ-XP2 1500 lumen - remote switch
WIZ-XP2 1500 lumen - remote switch
WIZ-XP2 1500 lumen - 40 degree optics

WIZ-XP2 1500 lumen programmable lightset

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** Now includes FREE set of 40 degree optics **

The Wiz-XP2 is one of the latest high quality lights from ITUO, who are establishing a reputation for some of the best lights in the market.

The Wiz-XP2 main features :

  • Utilizes two high power Cree XM-L2 U3 neutral white led (1500 lumens max output)
  • Most efficient driver known to be in production light (the XP2 runs longer and cooler)
  • User programmable - 3 levels in 10% increments
  • Real time temperature management
  • Removable wired control switch
  • Battery level indication
  • Water and rain resistant (IPX6 waterproof)
  • Quality handlebar mount, fits 25.4-35mm handlebars, GoPro mount compatible
  • Quality helmet mount, GoPro mount compatible
  • Supplied with high quality branded 8.4V 6400mAh battery pack (4-cell Panasonic 3200mAh)

ITUO design their lights by listening and working closely with riders and test groups.  The XP2 is the culmination of a design process based on a huge amount of user feedback, testing and collaborative effort.  Every design detail is based on feedback from riders with quality manufacturing and components being a priority.  

ITUO XP2 main features:

  • New design for 2016 suitable for road commuting and due to the high maximum output of 1500 lumens, an excellent choice for off road mountain biking.  The high capacity branded external battery pack is mains rechargeable with extended run times of up to 20 hours.  
  • The most efficient driver system known to be in a production light.  Draws only 1.8A to produce maximum output, this compares to 2.1A to 2.5A in other lights.  The XP2 runs cooler and brighter for longer.
  • 'Full Thermal Management' with real time temperature monitoring.  Using a remotely located sensor, real time LED and case temperature measurements ensure safe optimum performance.
  • A compact, user programmable light unit with a removeable remote switch and a secure and easy to use GoPro compatible mounting system which includes a handlebar and a helmet mount.  
  • Battery power level indicator shows when 20% power is reached.

ITUO XP2       

User Programmable - the XP2 has three steady light modes, each of which can be programmed in 10% increments to a chosen level.  A flashing mode can also be programmed to one of three patterns - ideal for being visible during daytime riding.

The XP2 is powered by four lithium-ion cells giving a run time of up to four hours at 1500 lumens, eight hours at 800 lumens and a massive twenty hours at 250 lumens.  It is worth adding that 1500 lumens is VERY bright - enough for downhill off-road mountain biking.  


The handlebar mount is secure and easily changed between bikes, coping with bars from 25.4 to 35mm. The XP2 itself can be installed and removed from the mount in seconds (no need to undo the mounting screw).  The mount is secure enough for rough off road riding.  The handlebar mount is GoPro compatible - so can be used with other devices such as cameras.  

The XP2 includes a remote switch and can be operated using the switch on the light unit or the remote switch.  The remote switch can be attached to handlebars using the velcro attachment, or to a cycle helmet.  

The XP2 is supplied with a  helmet mount (GoPro compatible) - the light unit weighs only 83g and can be comfortably mounted on a helmet.

The battery pack is waterproofed (encased in rubber) and supplied with a neoprene case with strong velcro straps for attaching to bike bars or frame.




The XP2 works perfectly with the Garmin / GoPro compatible mount (see section 'Spares')


Now also includes free 40 degree optics


The standard optics supplied on the XP2 are fairly narrow 10 degree optics giving a quite focused main beam.  We are now offering a FREE set of 40 degree optics included with each XP2.  The 40 degree optics give a more even spread of light.  Whilst the standard optics are fine for many people, this gives you the chance to see what works best for you.  Optics can be changed using a torx screwdriver.

 Independent Review !

 Here is a link to the on-going MTBR forum review thread ....

Here is a link to an independent video review of the Wiz-XP2 ....

Package Includes:

 1) One XP2 1500 lumen light head

 2) One wired control switch

 3) One handlebar mount (GoPro compatible)

 4) One helmet mount (GoPro compatible)

 5) One high capacity (6400mAh) battery pack

 6) Set of 40 degree optics

 7) One UK smart charger

 8) One user manual


Default Settings - and Run Times

Default 1
3 steady modes: low 250 lumens (20 hrs) – med 800 lumens (8 hrs) – high 1500 lumens (4 hrs)

Default 2
3 flash modes: warning flash, night flash and day flash


  • Weight of XP2 light unit 83g
  • Weight of battery pack 296g
  • Weight of wired control switch 12g
  • Weight of handlebar mount 45g
  • Weight of helmet mount 32g
  • Dimensions: 38mm (length) x 50 mm (width) x 26mm (height)
  • User programmable - each steady light level in increments of 10%
  • Utilises two high power Cree XM-L2 U3 neutral white led
  • Maximum output 1500 lumens
  • Temperature management
  • Removable wired control switch
  • Battery level indication (Blue - 100% to 20%  Red - less than 20%)
  • Military standard type III hard anodizing finish
  • Water and rain resistant (IPX6 waterproof)
  • Quality handlebar mount, fits 25.4-35mm handlebars, GoPro mount compatible
  • Supplied with high quality 8.4V 6400mAh battery pack (4-cell Panasonic 3200mAh)
Cell Options: 
4 cell standard
Wouter van Wijk (not verified)

Purchased this light after doing some good old research. You can read alot about these lights on the  mtbr forum. So does it deliver? YES. It gives you a real big  beam. It looks like if you are riding a car with Xenon lights. Its bright. It so damn bright that you tend to worry that you blind approaching cars. Battery pack is really good. It does everything as mentioned. I used it during the Eroica Gaiole 2016 event. It was rainy and the gravel roads had big holes. But the light performed really good and gave me a great level of confidence. Communication with Trevor is excellent. i had  a minor issue with a broken handlebar mount and he solved it like a real pro! Pros:·         Great beam with insane amount of lumen·         Great battery performance·         Great finish·         Waterresistant Con ·         Plastic handlebar mount needs improvement

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