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I am an individual with a keen interest in several outdoor sports. I love skiing, sailing, walking, paragliding and of course mountain biking. It is true to say I am a keen biker, not the fastest by any means, but I do get a great deal of of enjoyment from riding, especially at night. The reason for the development of this website was my personal purchase of a Magicshine 900 lumen light set and the realisation that spending upwards of £200 on a light set was simply no longer necessary. I was also extremely impressed by the the usability and build quality of the Magicshine.  Since those days, other manufacturers (mostly but not exclusively based in China) have taken the original designs and offered alternatives with often startlingly good results.  The lights now being offered to the discerning purchaser are of a quality and usabilty that was simply impossible to purchase just a few years ago.  I find the technological advances in lighting technology to be fascinating and I feel sure that the advances will continue into the future.  At BrightBikeLights I aim to keep abreast of technological developments and find the best lights available in the market today, best in terms of both performance and value for money. 

I ride regularly with a large and friendly group of bikers, based in Macclesfield on the western fringes of the wonderful Peak District national park. Our night rides take us into Cheshire or more often into hilly Derbyshire, across moors and through forests.  I also ride with friends closer to home, often at weekends. All the lights which will appear on this site have been rigorously tested in the dark British winter and compared to their more expensive cousins - the intention is to source and provide high performance lighting which is cost effective.

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Why us?

We specialise in powerful led lights for Running, Mountain Biking, Orienteering and Cycle Commuting

We are in close contact with Orienteering, Mountain Biking and Running groups and we welcome and act upon the feedback we receive, to ensure that the lights we provide are the best for the intended purpose


All lights are sold with a 12 month warranty

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