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Battery Belt

Battery Belt


This belt has been designed for running and is perfect for carrying a battery pack conveniently and comfortably  

The belt has two zipped pockets  

A standard 4 or 6 cell battery pack can be inserted into the smaller front pocket and the power lead fed through the small opening provided

The belt has a second larger zipped pocket.

Fully adjustable to provide a comfortable fit

This belt is included in the BrightBikeLights Orienteering light set


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Why us?

We specialise in powerful led lights for Running, Mountain Biking, Orienteering and Cycle Commuting

We are in close contact with Orienteering, Mountain Biking and Running groups and we welcome and act upon the feedback we receive, to ensure that the lights we provide are the best for the intended purpose


All lights are sold with a 12 month warranty

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