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BrightBikeLights Orienteering Light Set

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Powerful and flexible system designed for running and used by many Orienteering clubs across the UK

Includes a BrightBikeLights B1000 light unit, rechargeable li-ion battery pack, headstrap and battery belt

Recommended by CompassSport, the UKs Orienteering Magazine and as supplied to members of the UK Orienteering team


The flexibility and power of this lighting system will revolutionise your sporting activities

This Orienteering Light Set consists of a powerful B1000 light set with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, a battery carrying belt and a lightweight headstrap.  It has been tried and tested by many Orienteering clubs in the UK and recommended by CompassSport (the UK's Orienteering Magazine)

This is an incredibly bright and flexible lighting system with three settings; 1000 lumens, 500 lumens and 200 lumens.  1000 lumens is bright enough to light distant objects, 500 and 200 lumens are bright enough to safely run by

Run time on full power is an impressive 3 hours!, changing to mid or low level light output increases run time (4.5 hours on mid power)

Light output is digitally regulated to maintain a constant brightness using the lightweight and compact lithium-ion battery pack. A 'fuel guage' indicator on the rear of the light changes colour (Green, Blue, Yellow, Red) depending on the amount of charge left in the battery pack showing red when 25% charge remains and changing to flashing red when 10% remains

This light unit can also be mounted onto a bikes handlebars using the mounting 'O' rings (included) or mounted onto a helmet mount (see the 'Spares and Accessories section)

Triple British Night Orienteering Champion Nick Barrable recommends this headlamp for Night Orienteering. "This lamp is a bargain. You get the same brightness for pound as lamps 3 to 4 times the price! And it is a good quality product! It is comfortable to wear and the battery is really light! This Orienteering pack is all you need to really enjoy Night Orienteering. You won't regret it!"


The Orienteering package from BrightBikeLights includes:

    A B1000 light unit containing a quality XM-L T6 led emitter (with a expected life span of 50,000 hours)
    Lithium-ion battery pack in waterproofed rubber case   
    UK smart charger
    2 * flexible 'o' rings for mounting
    Flexible and adjustable headstrap with mount for light unit
    Battery belt - with zipped pocket for carrying the lithium-ion battery pack 

Technical product description

    Brand: - Manufactured by Sanguan technology for BrightBikeLights
    Model: B1000
    Emitter Brand/Type: Seoul Semiconductors SSC
    Emitter BIN: XM-L T6
    Total Emitters: 1
    Battery Configurations: Powered by a separate rechargeable battery pack (4 x 18650 lithium batteries)
    Voltage Input: 8.4V max
    Switch Type: Click Location: Tailcap
    Modes: 5 Mode Memory: - Mode Arrangement: Hi 1000LM > Medium 500LM > Low 200LM > Flashing mode
    Circuitry: Digital Regulated 2400mA Current Output Brightness:
    1000 lumens maximum brightness (manufactuer rated) Runtime: Hi:3 hours; Low: 5+ hours
    Lens: Coated Glass Lens
At BrightBikeLights we are proud of our reputation for service and reliability - you can rely on getting maximum performance and service backup


Bought this headtorch for winter night running in the woods and night orienteering. It's brilliant! Very powerful light, comfy battery pack. No complaints. Service from Trevor was fantastic too. He pulled out all the stops to get the light to me quickly. Highly recommended!


I bought this set last autumn for night orienteering and off road running over the winter.  Absolutely fantastic, the main beam is so bright you need to turn your head when meeting cars so as not to be flashed.  On lowest power setting (which is still brighter than my old Petzl) the light lasted an entire night of the High Peak Marathon (about 7 hours of darkness) on one battery and the battery indicator light had just gone to orange (beginning to get tired) as I turned it off.  It's easily detatchable from the headband to strap to bike handlebars too.Service from Trevor was top notch.  Highly recommended.


First of all it is a no brainer in terms of lumens power to cost. You probably will be paying more than twice as much for something similar. So value for money would get 5 stars...The way the battery is carried on a waist belt offers a better solution than having the battery and light on your head. So it is actually more comfortable.. The other torches that have everything on the head band dont offer the same battery life... So winner again. The light to battery wire offers little chance of getting unclipped when going through undergrowth. The only draw back is I would like to have a wider spread of light, but it is so powerful the blur of main light gives off enough side beam. But it is not a £300 light... It is great value...A great torch that I would have given 4.5 for performance, but when you consider battery life and value for money, you just can't not give it a 5.... 


Great light this is. Bought mainly for night orienteering for which it lights up everything like a charm. Battery life is more than sufficient for this. I've only had it run out on me once before (I usually charge it before use) but that was after 2 - 4 hours of solid kayaking in the dark so I'll let it off. There wasn't a whole lot of warning though it did just suddenly die. Battery pack doesn't bother you round the waist and actual torch fits snugly on head. Takes a little while to get used to the extra weight on your head but definitely worth it. Only things I would maybe change is to get rid of the flashing light setting - I find when cycling through to the main beam the flash setting just ruins all night vision. Also the green glow off the back of the torch is slightly excessive. Can almost be used as aa light in itself. Overall though, great super bright torch for night activities - and had no issues with service / delivery from brightbikelights.


I bought this lamp around 12 months ago just as the dark evenings were kicking in. For the price, I couldn't get anything that was as bright. The equipment is well built and robust and has been used throughout last winter and I'm looking forward to using it once again in the coming weeks. i would recommend this lamp to anyone.

Jeff P (not verified)

Bought the same light in 2010 for orienteering. OK it's a while ago and quality may have improved but it looks like the same product and these things need testing over a period of time and not a few weeks after first bought. Used it a few times a year for 3 or 4 years, storing it and recharging it as recommended in the instructions. Then it packed in. Excellent product while it was still working, But I wouldn't have paid so much for it if I'd know how short it would last. I was not alone. Several in my club bought one of these at the same time as me, and one by one they all stopped working- mine was one of the last to go. Someone with an engineering mindset deconstructed the power unit and found out the cause- a flimsy connection that was always going to loosen and detach sooner or later. Suspect the same with mine as no amount of charging can bring back any charge. My light finally went suddenly and unexpectedly in a dark and inhospitable place.

Sally Lindsay (not verified)

I've had one of these for 7 or 8 years, for night orienteering, and find it very effective - I rarely need to use it on full power, and the charge has always lasted very well. The battery failed recently - excellent prompt service got my torch back in action in time for a major event. Great value, highly recommended.

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