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Powerful and versatile Orienteering light set
Running belt for battery storage
Light unit, 6-cell battery, headstrap mount, running belt
Light unit weighs only 96g and can output 2200 lumens
The light is easy to operate and cycles through 4 light levels

BrightBikeLights Orienteering Light Set (Updated version)


** Now in stock **

An updated (2018) version of the powerful and flexible system designed for running and used by many Orienteering clubs across the UK.

Now features:

  • TWO LEDs to provide 2200 lumens
  • Reduced weight of the light unit
  • Higher capacity battery giving impressive improved duration (over 20 hours on low)

The original version of this light set was recommended by CompassSport, the UKs Orienteering Magazine and supplied to members of the UK Orienteering team. 

New for 2018, this updated version provides twice as much power (up to 2200 lumens output) with a lighter weight head unit (down from 116 grams to 90 grams) and with an upgraded 6 cell battery pack (was 4 cell) to provide longer runtime duration.

The flexibility and power of this lighting system will revolutionise your sporting activities.

This Orienteering Light Set consists of a powerful 2200 lumen light set with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, a battery carrying belt and a lightweight headstrap.  

This is an extremely bright and flexible lighting system with four output levels of 2200, 1500, 900 and 300 lumens.  With such a high light output level there will be enough illumunination to run under any conditions.  The light unit is tough and reliable - made from high grade aluminium - it is also easy to operate, even in winter gloves.

The light unit has a large illuminated button to change the light output between the four available levels - a strobe mode is controlled by a separate button.  The light unit is mounted using 'O' rings onto the supplied headstrap.

Power is provided by a waterproofed 6-cell 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which is encased in a tight fitting silicon cover - this 6-cell battery pack weighs just 330 grams and is supplied with a belt for comfortable storage of the battery whilst running.  

The power switch controls the four light output levels and also changes colour to show the current power remaining in the battery pack.

The 6 cell lithium-ion battery offers a duration of three hours on full power to an outstanding 20 hours plus on low power.



The Orienteering light set can also be mounted onto bicycle handlebars or to a cycle helmet (mount included).  Solid, secure and lightweight, once mounted the light will stay steady no matter what.

The supplied battery bag has velcro straps for secure attachment to bicycle handlebars, or frame tube.  


 This package includes

    A SG-T2200 light unit - using 2*Cree XM-L U2 leds
    Helmet mount and Headstrap mount
    6600 MaH 6 cell battery pack in tight fitting rubber case   
    Running belt for battery storage
    Battery pouch with velcro straps
    2* rubber mounting rings (luminous green)
    UK smart charger

SG-T2200 - description 

    Light source: 2xCREE XM-L U2 LEDs Luminosity: 2200 lumens 
    LED Lifespan: 50,000 hours 
    Battery pack: 6*18650 cells 8.4V/6.6AH Charging Time: 4 hours 
    Run time: 3 hours at full power over 20 hours on low power 
    Size: L50 x W45 x H40 mm 
    Weight: light unit 90 grams Battery pack 330 grams 
    Manufactured by: Sanguan Technology for BrightBikeLights



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