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Ferei HL50 Extension Cable
Ferei HL50 Diffuser
Battery Belt

Ferei HL50 Complete Extension Pack


Complete Extension Pack for the super bright Ferei HL50 Headlight.

Extends the capability of THE brightest headlight on the market



Complete Extension pack for the Ferei HL50 headlight.

This extension pack greatly enhances the functionality of the HL50 headlight, giving greater run times, the ability to re-charge on the move and a cleverly designed battery carrying belt provides the ability to reposition the battery,  Also a very simple and extremely effective light diffuser - which makes an enormous difference to the light pattern, changing the beam to a more gentle and even spread of light.

Four cell battery pack:  A 5500 mAh battery pack protected within a hard weatherproof cover - connects to the headlight using the 88cm extension cable (all joins are connected using screw threads for security).  The two cell battery compartment can be removed from the headlight (no tools needed) and replaced with this battery and extension, doubling the runtimes,


A dual lens diffuser unit which clips onto the Ferei HL50 dual lens (no tools needed),  The diffuser is hinged and once in place can be closed or opened.  When closed the HL50 beam is transformed into a gentler and more even spread of light.  Invaluable if you are using the headlight for work (no beam 'hot spots') or just want a wider area gently illuminated. Fantastically simple but incredibly useful.

Battery carrying belt designed to hold a four cell battery in the front compartment.  With a larger rear zipped compartment, this belt is adjustable and comfortable.  The extension cable is connected to the battery and passed out through the small hole (top left) in the belt.  Robust buckle for secure fastening.

Car charger for the Ferie HL50.  Will charge cells in the standard 2-cell compartment supplied with the HL50 headlight and also the 4-cell battery supplied in this extension pack.  Charges from a standard 12 volt car charging point.



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