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Brightest headlight available
Brightest headlight available
Brightest headlight available
Brightest headlight available
Brightest headlight available

Ferei HL50 - Super Bright Headlight

** Now in stock **

Ferei HL50II 2016 Dual XM-L2 LED now upgraded to 2200 lumens

The new Ferei HL50 II Li ion powered LED headlamp is arguably the brightest product of its kind on the market today.

Built to high specifications and offering unparalled flexibilty.  

THE ULTIMATE high quality headlight lighting tool.


The Ferei HL50 II had now been upgraded from 1800 to 2200 lumens and has an even longer runtime.

The Ferei HL50 is probably the brightest led headlight of it's type. Not only is it bright, it is an extremely flexible tool allowing for the pre-programming of up to 7 secondary light levels which can be retained and accessed with the push of a button.

The HL50 is supplied with and powered by two 18650 lithium-ion cells, which for BrightBikeLights, have been upgraded from the standard 2600 mAh to a a more powerful 3400 mAh.  These rechargeable cells offer excellent runtimes of four hours on full (2200 lumens) and an amazing 143 hours on low (66 lumens).

 The HL50 is  extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time at just 137 grams (approx 300grams with batteries installed).

The Ferei dual led HL50 features a headstrap mounted power driver / switch.  The lighting end of the HL50 is a solid metal construction housing the two XML-L2 Leds (1100 lumens output each) and is mounted on a robust hinge that allows the light to be directed where it is needed.  This is a very rugged headlight - and built to Ferei's rigorous high quality specifications.


Optional Remote Mount Extended Run Time Battery Pack:
Providing unparalled flexibility, the HL50 allows the use of an optional remote mounted battery pack & extension cable for extended run times.

The battery compartment containing the two rechargeable cells can be removed in seconds (no tools required) - the extension cable and remote four cell battery can then be attached. 

Ferei 7.4v BP4872 battery packs (sold seperately - see 'Spares' section) are 7.4v 5200mAh waterproofed battery packs totally enclosed in a hard plastic case, and include circuit protection against over charge / discharge 



The remote mounted BP4872 battery pack can be worn on a belt or mounted to cycle frame etc. The battery pack is supplied with an 88cm extension cable to easily link the pack to the head lamp. The remote pack also means just a mere 137 grams of the headlamp is now is on the head.

A diffuser unit can be connected to the HL50 light unit, changing the light output to a more even light covering a greater area.

This diffuser is wonderfully simple and greatly expands the comfortable use of this powerful light.  The even and smooth light spread is especially useful if the light is to be used in smaller spaces or for lighting up areas for work.  



The HL50 is supplied with a UK specification smart charger and a car charger is also available (see 'Spares') 

The Ferei HL50 Compete Extension Pack includes:

Below are the run-times you should expect using the two included 3400 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

In summary, the Ferei HL50 is THE ULTIMATE high quality headlight lighting tool offering a huge amount of flexibility and is sure to provide you with reliable service and unbeatable performance for many years to come



This headtorch is a beast! I work in the power industry and the beam is astounding,I can see 150m with ease.I would recomend the diffuser for close up work though as it has quite a narrow beam.I've owned one of these for over a year now, never let me down in the harshest condition,,ordered a backup in case I lose it !Next day delivery from Brightbikelights,,superb service 5/5

I Wilson (not verified)

Great light for night orienteering, not too heavy on the head. Good service and communications from Brightbikelights.

Ian W (not verified)

Great for night running, not too heavy on head. Good comms from Bright Bike lights.

Andy Peffers (not verified)

Brilliant light very powerful but incredibly light and comfortable to wear. The service was fantastic as well, Trevor returned my phone call late one evening and posted the torch special delivery the next morning so that it arrived in time for my wife's birthday.  


Ace headtorch for night Orienteering, very powerful penetration of the forest, but light enough and well balanced to run fast with even with the battery pack on the headband. I bought the bigger battery and ext lead, but the norm battery has never run out on me 90 mins+ on full power.This is my second year with it, and still as bright as new. Buying a second for my wife. Kids have HL40, also good.The service from Trevor is fantastic as well, very informative and helpful.What's not to like.. :)


A speedy response from Trevor had the headlamp with me very quickly. The HL50II is a great piece of kit, certainly the brightest headlamp I've used, giving bright light out to around 100m on the brightest setting. On open tracks that's plenty of range, in the woods whilst orienteering I can see that beam being a real advantage. The battery pack isn't too heavy, and whilst you can feel the weight of the unit on your head, it's not distracting and doesn't lead to any neck pain. The documentation lists battery life as 4+ hours at maximum brightness, and if that isn't enough with realistic usage then the flexibility to use a bigger battery pack carried on your waist is superb. I wouldn't think twice about buying this unit again


Excellent headlight for night orienteering. I would recommend purchasing the diffuser as well, as it prevents glare from the map which was a problem with my previous torch. The torch came with two 18650 Li-ion batteries. There was a problem with the batteries as I only got 30 minutes light, but Trevor sent replacements ASAP and free of charge, so excellent customer service. At the 83% brightness have got 2h10min duration at the 83% brightness with outside temerature barely above freezing.

NeilC (not verified)

After many years of trusted service I decided to retire my Brightbikelight Magicshine torch and upgrade to a Ferei HL50. My two first impressions were that the build felt sturdier than my existing light and that the beam was much more penetrating in the forest. The latter meant that I was able to pick out controls from further away and I'm sure that helped in my recent SE and Southern Night orienteering championships wins. I found that having the battery on the headlight itself made the torch a bit too heavy when constantly having to move your head to focus on the map, the near ground or the distance whereas using the extension lead and a bum bag was very confortable. There was less periferal light for map reading than I was used to but after a couple of races this was no longer noticeable - perhaps due to me unconsciously holding the map a bit higher up. A touch more expensive than some of the more popular models but I'm glad that I upgraded and as others have pointed out, Trevor's customer service skills are excellent. 

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