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Designed to hold 2 lithium-ion cells - can be used with Ferei extension cable
Designed to hold 2 lithium-ion cells - can be used with Ferei extension cable

Ferei HL65 - Two cell battery box


Battery box for the Ferei HL65 Led Headlamp

  - Can hold 2 18650 lithium-ion cells

  - Suitable for use with the Ferei extension cable


This is a high quality 2 cell battery box produced specifically for the Ferei HL65 Led Headlight.  It offers added flexibilityand extended run times for your Ferei HL65 headlight.

This battery box connects to the Ferei HL65 headlight using the 88cm Ferei extension cable and can be used in place of the 1 cell battery pack supplied with the HL65. 

This battery pack offers approximately double the runtimes of the standard 1 cell supplied with the HL65 Headlight and allows the HL65 to be worn on the head without the battery pack.  In this mode the HL65 headlight weighs just 119 grams.

To use, unscrew the connector on the HL65 Headlight between the switch and battery pack, remove the battery pack from the HL65 (no tools required) and connect the extension cable and battery box.

The extension cable connects to the light unit and battery using secure screw connectors.

NOTE: Extension cable and lithium-ion cells needs to be purchased seperately (not included).


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