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Magicshine MJ886 - running / cycling headlight
Magicshine MJ886 - running / cycling headlight
Magicshine MJ886 - running / cycling headlight
Magicshine MJ886 - running / cycling headlight

Magicshine MJ886 - Running / cycling headlight


The Magicshine MJ-886 is an extremely powerful 550 lumen head torch with a head mounted rechargeable battery pack

Lightweight - ideal for runners or helmet mounted for cyclists

Features an adjustable lighthead and beam angle and a remote power switch which can be clipped to clothing or kit

Variable output to extend run times - 2 hours on maximum power  - 3 power settings


This fabulous new running light from Magicshine has many great features for runners of all disciplines. 

At 550 lumens on maximum output, this headlight is a well balanced running light, which offers a perfectly sufficient light output level for fast off-road travel over rough terrain. It has a self contained rechargeable battery pack so everything you need to use the light 'out of the box' is supplied. It also offers a well designed remote switch, which can be connected to the light unit to allow for easily changing light levels and checking battery levels whilst running. 

If you happen to cycle at night too, then this light doubles up as a helmet light and can be mounted onto a cycle helmet by using the two adjustable velcro straps which are included.


The headband is adjustable and sits in the position of your choice on your head. The battery is contained in a weatherprofed, impact resistant pack attached to the headband so no other accessories are required. The MJ-886 is supplied with specially designed straps for easily mounting both the light unit and battery pack onto a cycle helmet.


This is a comfortable light set to wear on your head, super comfy and very stable to run with. The light and battery pack are well balanced and not subject to movement during energetic running.

 In Use

The light is supplied with an optional remote control power switch on an extension cable, which also doubles as a battery level indicator. This can be connected to the light and attached to your clothing or kit using the built in clip.  The switch can be used to easily change the light output between the three light output levels and to check the charge remaining in the battery.  The light output levels can also be adjusted by using the control on the light unit itself if you prefer

The MJ-886 is extremely powerful and with a measured output of 550 lumens compares extremely well with other lights at this price level. 

The angle of the lighthead itself can be adjusted to meet your precise needs depending on the terrain, brightness levels etc. This is a very flexible lighting system.

The 2 x 18650 Lithium ion batteries are easily rechargeable using the USB charger included in the price and charging time is 3 hours. The lifespan of the LED is an amazing 50,000 hours.


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