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One23 Wrap Front 80 lumens
Wrap charging
One23 Wrap Front 17 LED light
One23 Wrap Front 17 LED light
One23 Wrap Front light spread

One23 Wrap Front LED


The One23 Wrap Front LED weighs just 47 grams and is bright from all angles.

Powered by an internal 580MaH Li-Polymer battery.

Output is a high 80 lumens from 17 small red leds which wrap around the face of the light.

Charging is via any USB port.

Brightness in any of the three modes is exceptional as is the light projection from the sides as well as the rear of the unit.

Tool free fitting to easily connect to your bike


The One23 Wrap Front LED has to be one of the brightest and lightest units around. Weighing just 47 grams this tough little light will run for three hours on high power and six hours on low power and high flashing mode.

The One23 Front is built using a strip of 17 leds and because this strip of leds is curved to form a 'U' shape it gives excellent side as well as rear visibility to other road users.

This is an excellent light for urban riding at night and for improving your daytime visibility.

Mounting is easy and secure using a simple rubber strap. The light unit can be rotated, so can be mounted horizontally or vertically, whichever you prefer.

Charging is carried out from any USB charger using the included USB to mirco USB cable.

This light can also be mounted on gear (rucksacks etc) due to the simplicity of the rubber strap mounting system.

Tough, lightweight, bright, easy to use and well designed - we are very impressed with this little light.

Also available as a package with the One23 Wrap Rear LED.


Size - 75mm x 40mm x 20mm (3" x 1.5" x .75")

Weight - 47g (1.7oz)

Output - 80 lumens from 17 red led's

Effective field of view - 300º

Battery - 580mAh Li-Polymer internal battery

Charging - USB port via included cable (charger not included)

Charge time - 2.5 hours

Modes/Runtimes - high steady (3 hours), low steady (6 hours), high flash (6 hours)

Push button switch cycles through H,L,F,OFF


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