Ferei HL54 Headlight


Ferei HL54 Headlight


Good For: Running / Climbing / Hiking / Camping etc.

Features of the HL54:

  • – Small size, lightweight (47g without battery, 157g including headstrap and battery)
  • – Variable light levels with up to 32 hours use on a single charge
  • – Integrated rechargeable lithium battery
  • – 150 lumens maximum
  • – Four leds (three white one red)


The Ferei HL54 is a high quality lightweight rechargeable headtorch.

The Ferei HL54 (Himal) is one of the Ferei professional range of outdoor headlamps.  The light is a well designed, small size and lightweight unit (47 grams without the battery, 157 grams including headstrap and battery pack).

  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Four leds (three white and one red)
  • 150 lumens maximum output
  • Variable lighting levels with up to 32 hours use
  • Rechargeable integrated lithium-ion battery pack

The Ferei HL54 headlight is ideal for running in an urban environment, or hill walking, camping, rock climbing etc.  The HL54 has two LEDs for close up lighting and a single more powerful LED for spot lighting at a distance.  It also has a single red LED which can be used where a very low level of illumination is needed – to read a map for instance – or inside a tent.

The rechargeable lithium battery is attached to the headband and can be charged easily from a standard USB charger using the charging cable (included).  A light on the cable will indicate when charging is complete.

This is a quality product from Ferei – a specialist manufacturer of lighting equipment for outdoor activities.













The Ferei HL54 is a high quality lightweight rechargeable headtorch.

If you are looking for a more powerful light – try one of the links below to the Ferei HL65 or the Ferei HL50:

the Ferei HL65 (1500 lumens) 

the Ferei HL50 (2200 lumens)


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