Wiz-XP3 2300 lumens

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Wiz-XP3 2300 lumens

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£162.00 £112.00

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Good For: Mountain Biking / Cycle Commuting

The Wiz-XP3 main features :

  • – Three high power Cree led (2300 lumens max output)
  • – User programmable – 3 levels in 10% increments
  • – Real time temperature management
  • – Removable wired control switch
  • – Battery level indication
  • – Water and rain resistant (IPX6 waterproof)
  • – Quality handlebar mount, fits 25.4-35mm handlebars, GoPro mount compatible
  • – Quality helmet mount, GoPro mount compatible
  • – Branded 8.4V 6400mAh battery pack (4-cell Panasonic 3200mAh)

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ITUO design their lights by listening and working closely with riders and test groups.  The XP3 is the culmination of a design process based on a huge amount of user feedback, testing and collaborative effort.  Every design detail is based on feedback from riders with quality manufacturing and components being a priority.

The Wiz-XP3 is a Powerful Mountain Bike Light – with 2200 lumens – enough to ride the roughest trails

Here is a link to the Singletrack video review of the Wiz-XP3 – produced after weeks of testing in tough conditions

ITUO XP3 main features:

  • Suitable for road commuting and due to the high maximum output of 2300 lumens, an excellent choice for off road mountain biking.  The high capacity branded external battery pack is mains rechargeable with extended run times of up to 9 hours.
  • Efficient driver system which draws only 1.8A to produce maximum output, this compares to 2.1A to 2.5A in other lights.  The XP3 runs cooler and brighter for longer.
  • ‘Full Thermal Management’ with real time temperature monitoring.  Using a remotely located sensor, real time LED and case temperature measurements ensure safe optimum performance.
  • A compact, user programmable light unit with a removeable remote switch and a secure and easy to use GoPro compatible mounting system which includes a handlebar and a helmet mount.
  • Battery power level indicator shows when 20% power is reached.

Powerful 220 lumen high quality Mountain Bike Light    Powerful 220 lumen high quality Mountain Bike Light





User Programmable – the XP3 has three steady light modes, each of which can be programmed in 10% increments to a chosen level.  A flashing mode can also be programmed to one of three patterns – ideal for being visible during daytime riding.

The XP3 is powered by four lithium-ion cells giving a run time of up to 2 hours at 2300 lumens, 4.5 hours at 1200 lumens and a massive 9 hours at 600 lumens.

Powerful 220 lumen high quality Mountain Bike Light







The handlebar mount is secure and easily changed between bikes, coping with bars from 25.4 to 35mm. The XP3 itself can be installed and removed from the mount in seconds (no need to undo the mounting screw).  The mount is secure enough for rough off road riding.  The handlebar mount is GoPro compatible – so can be used with other devices such as cameras.

The XP3 includes a remote switch and can be operated using the switch on the light unit or the remote switch.  The remote switch can be attached to handlebars using the velcro attachment, or to a cycle helmet.

The XP3 is supplied with a  helmet mount (GoPro compatible) – the light unit weighs only 110g and can be comfortably mounted on a helmet.

The battery pack is waterproofed (encased in rubber) and supplied with a neoprene case with strong velcro straps for attaching to bike bars or frame.












Powerful 220 lumen high quality Mountain Bike Light    Powerful 220 lumen high quality Mountain Bike Light






The XP3 works perfectly with the Garmin / GoPro compatible mount (see section ‘Spares’)

The Wiz-XP3 is a Powerful Mountain Bike Light – with 2200 lumens to ride the roughest trails

Independent Review !

 Here is a link to the on-going MTBR forum review thread ….

1) One XP3 2300 lumen light head

2) One wired control switch

3) One handlebar mount (GoPro compatible)

4) One helmet mount (GoPro compatible)

5) One high capacity (6400mAh) battery pack

6) One UK smart charger

7) One user manual

Default Settings – and Run Times

Default 1
3 steady modes: low 600 lumens (9 hrs) – med 1200 lumens (4.5 hrs) – high 2300 lumens (2 hrs)

Default 2
3 flash modes: warning flash, night flash and day flash


  • Weight of XP3 light unit 110g
  • Weight of battery pack 296g
  • Weight of wired control switch 12g
  • Weight of handlebar mount 45g
  • Weight of helmet mount 32g
  • Dimensions: 38mm (length) x 68.5mm (width) x 26mm (height)
  • User programmable – each steady light level in increments of 10%
  • Utilises three high power Cree XM-L2 U3 neutral white led
  • Maximum output 2300 lumens
  • Temperature management
  • Removable wired control switch
  • Battery level indication (Blue – 100% to 20%  Red – less than 20%)
  • Military standard type III hard anodizing finish
  • Water and rain resistant (IPX6 waterproof)
  • Quality handlebar mount, fits 25.4-35mm handlebars, GoPro mount compatible
  • Supplied with high quality 8.4V 6400mAh battery pack (4-cell Panasonic 3200mAh)

7 reviews for Wiz-XP3 2300 lumens

  1. Superuser

    The following is taken ‘word by word’ from the Singletrack review of the Wiz-XP3 published October 2016 following five weeks of tough testing: “Overall: A quality, robust, compact and versatile light at a reassuring price that provides great lighting over a nice beam spread. The fact that it’s available from a UK retailer and has a branded battery pack also gives me more confidence in buying over the myriad of cheap lights/batteries available on eBay. Every ride I have done with this light I have been uber impressed. Recommended.”

  2. Rachael_K

    Bought this along with Wiz20 and I am Super Impressed with the quality and the mounting possibilities.light level is awsome and the service from Bright Bike Lights is brilliant.Highly recommend

  3. Blue66

    Yesterday I managed it to do the first night ride with my new Ituo Wiz XP3. Due to strong rain- and snowfall (southwest of Germany) in the last days my hometrails were very wet and slippery and the humidity was very high (temperature 0° C).Setup was the Ituo as helmet light and the Yinding YD-2XU2 on the bar (MTB: Alutech Sennes Freeride Ltd.). Most of the time I was running both lights on medium mode and only went to high mode in very technical and/or fast sections. To keep long story short – I’m very impressed, nice even beam in front of the tire and an excess of lumen. I’m pleased with 10° standard optics as a helmet light, maybe I will experiment with other optics in future to see what works best for me. The neutral white emitters of the Ituo are fantastic compared to the cool white of the Yinding – great contrast, can see every detail on the wet foliage. Wired remote (attached on helmet too) worked fantastic. It’s easy to control the lamp even with thicker gloves it’s not a problem to switch between the modes – that’s the way it has to be.The Ituo Wiz XP3 is the best bike light you can get for your money and thumbs up for the fantastic customer service of Trevor from BrightBikeLights.

  4. Jon Goodwin

    This is a fantastic light. Brilliant value and custom service too. A few of us in North Wales have been using these for a couple of years. You can ride anything that you can ride in the daytime and pretty much just as fast. Great fun! Highly recommended

  5. Paul Floodgate

    I’ve been using this light for three years and overall I’m really happy with it.

    It puts out plenty of light, but in its default state it was a bit too focused for a bar light. Swapping one of the lenses out for a wider angle lense fixed this.

    I wanted the light for some endurance racing so being able to program the power levels makes it easy to plan the run time. It is also compatible with other 8.4v battery packs so it’s easy to pick up some spares.

    The only weak point is that the handlebar bracket is a bit flimsy. I’m managed to snap mine early on but I was quickly sorted out with a replacement. It uses a GoPro style mount so there are plenty of more robust out there.

    Customer service has been great. Quick to respond to queries and when I broke part of the quick realise mechanism after 3 years of use I was sorted out with a replacement for a fiver in a matter of days.

  6. Wilfried Renner

    I have been using this light mainly for orienteering and trail running in winter, it’s clearly the best I ever had. Low weight, good to be used with a GoPro headstrap. I ran with it a few times in heavy rain without any issues. There may be comparable lights out there from other brands (Lup…, MTig..), but all of them are at least twice as expensive.

    Really a great light, highly recommended! I would immediately buy again if it ever broke.

  7. Peter Cook (verified owner)

    Very happy so far with the light, the unit seems to be very well made and the custom settings for the output are very handy as is the ability to change the lens units. I am running two diffused lenses and one central spot lens which gives a great spread and plenty of reach. I feel it will cope with pretty much any trail I am likely to ride at night and enable me to ride pretty much as quick as in daytime. Trevor at BrightBikeLights has been extremely helpful with quick answers to pre purchase questions and prompt with delivery and giving a great overall service – so would highly recommend them.

    This isn’t a cheap Chinese light, its a quality light that seems to match my previous Lezyne light on quality – the instructions are also very well written and not done in an iffy translation style.

    Overall I couldn’t be happier… apart from having just seen the Black friday price drop while typing this review ;-(

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