Wiz1 800 lumens

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Wiz1 800 lumens

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£83.50 £78.50

Good For: Mountain Biking / Cycle Commuting.

The Wiz1 features:

  • – Up to 800 lumens output
  • – USB rechargeable and replaceable (4500MaH) battery
  • – Go Pro compatible handlebar mount
  • – Go Pro compatible helmet mount
  • – Three steady light levels and three flashing modes
  • – Step down ‘Safety mode when battery power gets low
  •  – Solid and with excellent usability for both road and off-road use

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BrightBikeLights are very pleased to offer the ITUO Wiz1 light and the slightly smaller Wiz2.  We are extremely impressed by the high quality of the design and build of both of these lights.  They are excellent and top quality cycle lights for both road and off-road, they are built to last and be reliable as well as affordable.  The Wiz1 is a great cycle commuting and mountain bike light.

The Wiz1 and Wiz2 share their main features – the light levels and modes are the same.  Whilst the Wiz1 has a slightly larger 4500MaH battery, the Wiz2 has a more compact 3100MaH battery and is slightly lighter.  Look at the Wiz2 here for lighter weight (slightly better helmet mount suitability).

In addition to being top quality adaptable cycling lights, the Wiz1 and Wiz2 also double as excellent hand torches when not mounted on the Go Pro compatible bar or helmet mount (both included).

The flashing modes available make them ideal as daytime road cycling lights and will increase your visibility and safety, whilst the high power settings mean they are ideal when riding on dark roads or even off-road.

Both lights are USB rechargeable using any standard mains USB charger or even a laptop or desktop computer. The operating switch will change from red to green when the battery is fully charged.

The compatible Go Pro mount is built around a handlebar clamp which is easy to install – and once in place the light is easily slid onto the mount and clicks into place.  The Wiz1 light can be connected and removed in seconds and once connected, the light angle can be adjusted to any preferred position.

Commuting and mountain bike light   





800 lumens is a serious level of illumination – enough to make the Wiz1 a contender for a serious mountain biking light.

The Wiz1 can also be helmet mounted – using the go pro compatbile helmet mount (included).

Commuting and mountain bike light    Commuting and mountain bike light





Switching the light to flashing gives the following modes:

  • An intermittent flash
  • A slow strobe (800 lumen pulse)
  • Constant light with flash pulse
The first two of the modes above are absolutely ideal for daytime riding on busy roads – you will notice the difference as you increase your visibility to other road users.


Commuting and mountain bike light                             





Above: Wiz1 showing ‘green’ – charge is 20%-100%       Wiz1 showing ‘red’ – charge is < 20%

The Wiz1 has a  safety feature built in – if the charge remaining drops below a level of 10% then the Wiz1 will switch automatically to a safety mode of 50 lumens.  Enough light to continue and with a runtime of around 30 minutes.


Runtimes for the Wiz1 on constant light output are:

Mode1: 150 lumens: 15 hours

Mode2: 500 lumens: 4.40 hours

Mode3: 900 lumens 3 hours

What is included 

  • A High quality Wiz1 light unit
  • 4500 Mah li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Go Pro compatible handlebar mount (and clamp)
  • Go Pro compatible helmet mount
  • USB charging cable

Independent Review

Here is a link to a very throrough, professional and independent review of the Wiz1 and Wiz2 on MTBR forums

The Wiz1 is a great cycle commuting and mountain bike light.


. Cordless and user friendly

. Dual purpose: bike light or flashlight

. Easy to fit or remove

. Utilizes one high power Cree XM-L2 LED

. Maximum output 800 lumens

. USB rechargeable from your computer or smart phone charger (500mA to 1amp)

. Battery power indication

. Back up/safety mode (50 lumens for 30 minutes)

. Battery reverse polarity protection

. Replaceable battery

. Custom designed metal reflector, creating a smooth and effective beam

. Made from high quality aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, durable and good for heat dissipation.

. Military standard type III hard anodizing finish

. Ultra-clear tempered glass lens, scratches and impacts resistant

. Water and rain resistant (IPX6 waterproof)

. GoPro compatible handlebar mount, fits 25.4-35mm handlebars

. Uses one 3.7V 4500mAh 26650 Li-ion battery, user-replaceable, widely available

4 reviews for Wiz1 800 lumens

  1. TLThunder

    Purchased the Wiz1 to use as a helmet/commuter light. Good balanced and we’ll made light with a very usable beam. Went for the bigger battery pack version as have a 50 minute each way commute and didn’t want have to worry about charging at work for the return leg. Doesn’t feel weighty on top of the mtb helmet though and after a while forgot it was even there except for the beam piercing the night sky. Also bought the Wiz20 at the same time…Randomly a SingleTrack review of the Wiz20 popped up on my Facebook feed and as I was looking for a new commuter light and was interested in mtb night riding decided to have a read. Glad I did, the light is fantastic compared to what I have been using. Much more compact than the bargain basement cree lights from online sellers with separate battery packs and wires everywhere. The Wiz20 feels well made is not to big or heavy and throws a good usable beam. I also purchased a Wiz1 to use as a helmet light and the combination lit up the local trail centre when both used on the highest settings. Haven’t used as commuter lights yet but confident they will work well on the lower settings.Contacted Trevor at Bright Bike Lights who was brilliant at asking any questions I had and responded quickly. Delivery was by Royal mail signed for and arrived the day after the order was placed. Overall very pleased with both lights and the service. Highly recommended.

  2. Stebailey

    Build quality, fixtures, brightness, beam spread, value for money – All great. No complaints at all.

  3. TonyS

    I purchased a Wiz1 from Trevor at BrightBikeLights to use on my regular 20 mile year round commute. I cycle an even mix of hard road (busy B roads) single track fen road and rougher offroad conditions (track and riverbank). The Wiz1 is very well engineered and the build quality is extremely good, far better than several other. More expensive lights on the market. Mounted on my flat bars with the GoPro compatible mount, the Wiz1 has taken everything that can be thrown at it, including torrential rainwater and a couple of uncalculated hard knocks!. Throughout this it continues to perform faultlessly. There is never a shortage of light, even on the medium rage settings, which I tend to use most of the time. I charge regularly on my laptop every 3 days in the winter, when usage is both morning and evening and am still running on the original ITUO 26650 battery. 18 months down the line, would I replace with another Wiz1?. Without a doubt I most certainly would, but unfortunatley for Trevor, I don’t think this will be necessary just yet – Tony.

  4. Tony Haird

    TonyS November 12, 2019
    This is an update after a prolonged period of ownership of my WIZ1 front light. The solid build quality of the WIZ has ensured that it has taken everything thrown at it over the past three years. Bright reliable lighting on my regular 20 mile round commute, which is a mix of on and off road sections, is absolutely essential, especially in the winter months. I am still running on the original battery, although I did purchase an additional back up battery which now shares the workload, as it can be charged in a seperate charger and swapped over in a matter of seconds. Despite a few dings and scratches an its robust metal outer case, the WIZ has, so far, outlived two bikes and is currently on its third. All in all a very well engineered bit of kit, superb value for money and despite what is thrown at it, the WIZ always seems to come back for more – Tony

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