Wiz20 1500 lumens

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Wiz20 1500 lumens

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£101.50 £91.50

Good For: Mountain Biking / Cycle Commuting.

The Wiz20 is a high quality self-contained 1500 lumen light – with a secure mounting system
The Wiz20 features:

  • – Up to 1500 lumens output
  • – User programmable / multiple settings
  • – USB rechargeable and replaceable (3100MaH) batteries
  • – High quality handlebar mount
  • – Six steady / flashing light levels (programmable)

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BrightBikeLights are very pleased to be able offer the ITUO Wiz20 light.  We are extremely impressed by the high quality of the design and build of this light.  The Wiz20 is a top quality cycle light suitable for road commuting and due to the high maximum output of 1500 lumens, is also excellent as a serious tool for off road mountain biking.  A great mountain bike and commuter light.

ITUO lights are fast establishing a reputation for high quality lights which are both reliable and affordable and BrightBikeLights are proud to be working wth them to supply what we believe is an absolute winner.

The WIZ20 is a compact, user programmable light unit with a secure and easy to use mounting system, it is USB rechargeable with internal batteries that can be changed in seconds.  It has a battery power level indicator and produces an amazing amount of light in steady or flashing modes.

1500 lumen Mountain bike and Commuter light    1500 lumen Mountain bike and Commuter light

The WIZ20 has a total of five steady light modes, each of which can be programmed in 10% increments to a chosen level.  A flashing mode can also be programmed to one of three patterns – absolutely ideal for being visible during daytime riding on roads.

The WIZ20 is powered by two rechargeable lithium-ion cells (included) which are readily available and can be changed in seconds.  These cells give a run time of over two hours at 1500 lumens, over four hours at 800 lumens and a massive 14 hours on 250 lumens.  It is worth adding that 1500 lumens is VERY bright – enough for downhill off-road mountain biking.


The Wiz20 is USB rechargeable using any standard mains USB charger or even a laptop or desktop computer. Batteries do not need to be removed from the light during charging, the charger connects to the USB port on the underneath of the light.  The operating switch will change from red to green when the battery is fully charged.

The power switch is illuminated (blue) during normal use and switches to red indicating that battery power is 20% or below.

The handlebar mount is secure and easily changed between bikes, coping with bars from 25.4 to 35mm. The Wiz20 itself can be installed and removed from the mount in seconds.  The mount is secure enough for rough off road riding.

1500 lumen Mountain bike and Commuter light    1500 lumen Mountain bike and Commuter light





Video Review 

Here is a link to an excellent independent video demonstrating the WIZ20 capabilities (Jean-Luc Delauve)

Independent Review

Here is a link to a very throrough, professional and independent review of the Wiz20 on MTBR forums (Jean-Luc Delauve)

Light Levels








 Package Includes:

1) One front light

2) One USB cable

3) One handlebar mount

4) One user manual

5) Two 3100Mah rechargeable li-ion batteries

1500 lumen Mountain bike and Commuter light

1500 lumen Mountain bike and Commuter light

Default Settings – and Run Times

Default 1
3 steady modes: low 250 lumens (14 hrs) – med 800 lumens (4:30 hrs) – high 1500 lumens (2:10 hrs)
1 hidden special mode: dim 80 lumens (40 hrs)

Default 2
2 steady modes: low 400 lumens (8 hrs) – high 1000 lumens (3:30 hrs)
1 hidden special mode: warning flash

The 1500 lumen Wiz20 is a great mountain bike and commuter light.


  • Weight of Wiz20 light unit 154grams and 246 grams with batteries installed
  • User programmable
  • Utilises two high power Cree XM-L2 U3 neutral white led
  • Maximum output 1500 lumens
  • Cordless and user friendly
  • Easy to fit or remove
  • USB rechargeable from your computer or smart phone charger
  • Battery power indication
  • Battery reverse polarity protection
  • Military standard type III hard anodizing finish
  • Water and rain resistant (IPX6 waterproof)
  • Quality handlebar mount, fits 25.4-35mm handlebars
  • Uses two 3.7V 18650 Li-ion battery, user replaceable, widely available
Thanks go to Jean-Luc Delauve for some of the images on this page

7 reviews for Wiz20 1500 lumens

  1. Superuser

    The following is taken word for word from the SUMMARY of the SingleTrack review of the Wiz20 (March 2016). Overall: I’ve been riding once or twice a week with this light for two months. It hasn’t annoyed me once. I clip it on the bike and it just works. It’s never failed, it’s stayed waterproof, and it hasn’t faded. If anyone asked me about budget lights nowadays this is what I’d point them to. Compared to the faffing I did with very cheap lights and batteries in the past, upgrading to something like this would be a no brainer. Recommended.

  2. Andy_W

    I’ve been using one of these for the last few weeks, been very impressed with the quality of the light. It feels very solid, hasn’t happened yet but seems it will withstand a few accidental wipe-outs! Runtime is excellent, I run on low power most of the time and only need full power for very dark forest tracks – it’s easy to switch levels. Beam spread is enough for all but VERY twisty sections when handlebars are pointing way off track – I have a low-powered helmet light so I can see round corners. Having said that, this light gives better spread than my old Exposure Maxx. The great thing is that you can pop a couple of spare batteries in your rucksack if you plan an all-nighter, just a bit bigger than AAs. I sent off for a set of 4 extra batteries and a dedicated charger so I should have something ready charged even if I forget to plug the light into a USB socvket whern I get home. You can of course use the light itself to charge up the spare batteries. All in all, I’m very pleased with this light, particularly with the ability to replace batteries, which is what killed off my very expensive Maxx. Thanks BrightBikeLights for the personal service!

  3. Tlthunder

    Randomly a SingleTrack review of the Wiz20 popped up on my Facebook feed and as I was looking for a new commuter light and was interested in mtb night riding decided to have a read. Glad I did, the light is fantastic compared to what I have been using. Much more compact than the bargain basement cree lights from online sellers with separate battery packs and wires everywhere. The Wiz20 feels well made is not to big or heavy and throws a good usable beam. I also purchased a Wiz1 to use as a helmet light and the combination lit up the local trail centre when both used on the highest settings. Haven’t used as commuter lights yet but confident they will work well on the lower settings.Contacted Trevor at Bright Bike Lights who was brilliant at asking any questions I had and responded quickly. Delivery was by Royal mail signed for and arrived the day after the order was placed. Overall very pleased with both lights and the service. Highly recommended.

  4. Richietee

    Very efficient service. The light was carefully packaged and seems really good (Ituo Wiz20). Mostly metal, but even the plastic parts like the clamp are made of quality materials.

  5. PR

    Extremely well built light, good run times & excellent level of brightness (a proper 1500 lumen).Not used for an extended period in the wet yet but the sealing around the ports looks good. Also worth noting that the battery door mechanism is now a twist lock rather than the clip seen in some of the reviews which is good and removes the risk of accidently activating the door in a crash or other circumstance.The clamp is decent but some lateral rotation would be welcome on future models and a sluightly more compact bolt & cam system would aid in placement & bulk.Overall this looks to be agreat addition to the XP2 I purchased a few months ago & of a similar high quality.

  6. Rachael_K

    Bought this along with Wiz xp3 and I am Super Impressed with the quality and the mounting possibilities.light level is awsome and the service from Bright Bike Lights is brilliant.Highly recommend

  7. Pokey6

    I received this light yesterday, charged it up and went out in the hills with it last night. I am very impressed with the build quality and, although it is not the brightest light that I have used,it is bright enoought for off-road riding and it does provide a good spread of light. I am sure it is producing 1500 lumen. It is the first light that I have had that contains the batteries and I love not having to tie a battery on elsewhere and sort out the cables. The mount is impressivelay stable and it a super quick job to unclip the light, which is very handy when your packing your kit up in the dark and need a handy light source. All in all a great light at this price and I can’t wait to get out in the dark again!

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