Xeccon Zeta 5000 lumens

£169.95 £139.95


Xeccon Zeta 5000 lumens

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£169.95 £139.95

Good For: Mountain Biking.

Xeccon 5000 features:

  • – Up to 5000 lumens output from 6 Cree XML2 leds
  • – Wireless remote switch
  • – Mounts for Bars and Cycle Helmet
  • – Compact and powerful light unit weighing 120g
  • – Thermal management built-in
  • – Battery remaining indicator
  • – Waterproofed 4-cell rechargeable branded lithium battery pack


The 5000R is a quality light from Xeccon.  It features a huge 5000 lumens of light on full output – from 6 Cree XML LEDs.

Whilst being capable of such a powerful output, the 5000R is also a compact light unit. Weighing in at just 120g it can be helmet mounted using the mount included, or just as easily handlebar mounted using the mounting rings included.









The Zeta 5000R has three lights levels giving runtimes on a fully charged battery from 2.3 hours on full power to 20.5 hours on low power.

The led indicators on the light unit show the level of battery power remaining – Green (100% – 50%), Blue (50% – 15%), Red (15% and below).

The Zeta 5000R features advanced thermal management to ensure that the light level is adjusted if the unit is getting too hot.  This prevents damage to the unit whilst allowing it to perform at the maximum for the operating conditions.

Output levels can be controlled using the switch on the light unit or the wireless remote switch.  The remote allows full control of all features of the light and with no wired connection means the switch can be attached wherever is convenient.  This is especially useful if the light is helmet mounted – but whether helmet or bar mounted – full control can be had without the rider removing hands from the bars.

The battery pack is waterproofed (to IPX6) in a tight rubber covering and held in a neoprene case with tough velcro straps which attach securely to frame or handlebars.  The battery contains high quality branded Samsung cells.


Xeccon have an established reputation for producing top quality lights and the Zeta 5000R is no exception.

This package includes

  • A Xeccon Zeta 5000 light unit with 6 Cree XML2 LEDs
  • Wireless Remote Switch
  • Helmet mount
  • 5200 MaH battery pack in waterproofed rubber casing
  • Battery pouch with velcro straps
  • 2 * rubber mounting rings
  • UK smart charger
  • Cable tie
  • Extension cable

Xeccon Zeta 5000R Specifiation

  • Max output:                      5000 lumens
  • LED:                                 6 * CREE XML
  • Run time:                         2.3 ~ 20.5 hours
  • Mode:                               Low – Mid – High   ON/OFF (hold 2 seconds) Strobe (hold 3 seconds)
  • Battery pack:                    8.4V 5200MaH 4 cell battery
  • Charger:                           8.4V/1A
  • Waterproof level:               IPX6
  • Weight (without battery):  120g
  • Dimensions:                      48(L)x53(w)x50(h)mm

1 review for Xeccon Zeta 5000 lumens

  1. Daniel Spencer

    I bought this bike light to use for orienteering at night. It’s an excellent light and has definitely improved how far I can see. The light has a few different settings which are useful for saving battery when the full power isn’t required.

    Although this is a bike light I asked for a head mount so that I could wear it as a headtorch which it functions very well as.

    For the price I think it’s a very bright light and is ideal for runners and bikers who need a lot of light without spending a huge amount.

    Bright bike lights provided a custom setup for me which was ideal, including a battery holder and headtorch meaning that I could buy the parts that I needed without getting anything I didn’t.

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