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RX02 1600 lumen front light
RX02 with remote switch
RX02 mounted on extender
Mount extender
One23 Wrap 17 LED rear light

RX02 + Extender + Wrap LED Rear


This combination is an RX02 dual lens front light (1600 lumens) and a central mount extender which lets you mount your light centrally and away from cables and an extremely One23 Wrap LED rear light.

This combination is adaptable and powerful enough for full blown mountain biking in the dark, but equally great for lighting up your commute and making sure you get seen.


The new StarryLight RX02 has some unique design features making this a great choice for both serious off-road mountain bikers and bike commuters alike.

This is the first light we've seen at BrightBikeLights which has an angled dual beam system - one beam for close up in front and one for further away.  This is achieved by the offsetting of the angles of the two beams.  The result is a ribbon of light in front of the rider - great if you are riding down seriously rock trails at night or riding potholed roads at speed.

The RX02 also features an easily viewable battery level indicator consisting of 4 bright green / red leds segments on the rear of the light.


This is a very compact light unit - it is also tough and very solidly constructed.

Another feature unique to this light is the remote switch.  The RX02 features a standard waterproofed switch on the top of the unit but it also features an optional remote switch which can be connected to the rear of the light unit via a small plug in connection.  This lead is connected to a weatherproofed rubber strip which can be attached to the handlebars using the supplied velcro.  This weatherproofed rubber switch contains FOUR switches  - each carrying out the same function of altering the light levels and turning the unit ON/OFF.  The fact that there are FOUR switches actually works really well in practice when altering the level in the dark most importantly without the need to remove hands from the bars or brakes.

The RX02 is supplied with a helmet mount for easily mounting onto a cycle helmet.

This package includes the light extender mount below.  The extender mount is just the best way to mount lights - centrally and away from cables.


Also included in this package is a One23 Wrap LED rear light which is one of the brightest and lightest units around.  Weighing just an incredible 47 grams this tough little light will run for three hours on high power and six hours on low power and high flashing mode.  

It's not just about weight and brightness with this light.  The Wrap LED rear is built using a strip of 17 leds and because this strip of leds are curved to form a 'U' shape it gives excellent side as well as rear visibility to other road users.




This light is just very, very visible from the rear and side.  Mounting is easy and secure using a simple rubber strap.  The light unit can be rotated, so can be mounted horizontally or vertically, whichever you prefer.

Charging is carried out from any USB charger using the included USB to mirco USB cable.  

This light can also be mounted on many cycle helmets and gear (rucksacks etc) due to the simplicity of the rubber strap mounting system.


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