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2200 lumens - powerful mountain bike light, cycling light, cycle commuting light, bike front light
2200 lumens - powerful mountain bike light, cycling light, cycle commuting light, bike front light
2200 lumens - powerful mountain bike light, cycling light, cycle commuting light, bike front light
2200 lumens - powerful mountain bike light, cycling light, cycle commuting light, bike front light
2200 lumens - powerful mountain bike light, cycling light, cycle commuting light, bike front light

SG-T2200 - 2200 lumen high quality long duration light set

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Versatile, powerful, lightweight and functional - what more can we say !  Now includes Headstrap mount.

Capable of a huge 2200 lumens for 3 hours or a very useful 220 lumens for 30 hours !

Can be bar mounted, helmet mounted (mount included) or headstrap mounted (mount included)

An outstanding light unit of excellent build quality and usability

Perfect Mountain Bike light / Cycle Commuting light / Running Light


The T2200 uses 2 CREE XM-L U2 LEDs to give a massive 2200 lumens of light from a small and lightweight unit

Weighing just 90 grams, the T2200 has the versatility to be helmet mounted or bar mounted
At this weight you will barely notice that the unit is mounted on a helmet, but you will not need to worry about missing anything else - there will be plenty of light to illuminate your adventures !.

This is a fantastically well designed unit offering a huge level of illumination in a deceptively small and lightweight package which is equally at home as a Mountain Bike light. Cycle Commuting light or Running light

It's also tough - made from high grade aluminium and it's reliable. The T2200 is easy to operate, even in winter gloves
The T2200 has a large easy to operate illuminated button to change the light output between the four available levels - a strobe mode is controlled by a separate button

The light unit is mounted using 'O' rings onto handlebars, helmet mount (included) or headstrap - solid, secure and lightweight this mount will stay rock steady no matter what 

Power is provided by a waterproofed 6-cell 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack which is encased in a tight fitting silicon cover - this 6-cell battery pack weighs just 330 grams and is supplied in a battery bag with velcro straps for secure attachment to handlebars, or frame tube

The power switch controls four light output levels of 2200, 1500, 900, 300 lumens and also changes colour to show the current power remaining in the battery pack

    Green - 100% to 70%
    Blue  - 70% to 40%
    Red - 40% to 10%
    Flashing Red - less than 10%

The 6 cell lithium-ion battery offers a duration of three hours on full power to an outstanding 30 hours on low power
Low power is around 300 lumens which is easily enough for riding at speed over non-technical trails and for hiking and general daily use - high power gives more than enough light to illuminate a steep or technical trail for riding a mountain bike at speed 

With the addition of the  battery belt and headstrap (which are available on the 'Accessories' page) this light can be transformed into an adaptable light for running or walking, in fact for any activity where a powerful hands-free headlight is required
Providing a massive 30 hours battery duration on the lowest light level - which is a highly usable level of illumination


Nothing speaks louder than an independent and honest review by people who use lights a lot - see reviews below:

          Review and test by the 'Bear Bones Bikepacking' website -
               a site dedicated to optimal equipment at minimum weight

          Review and test by Essex Herts MTB -
              a Mountain Bike group covering a large part of Essex, Hertfordshire and London

Some words from Dan Phillipstone (Arctic Adventurer and Mountain Biker) - who recently completed the 2015 Rovaniemi 150 Arctic winter race using a BrightBikeLights SG-T2200 light set

"If you’re heading out for an adventure I can 100% vouch for Bright Bike Lights to sort you out and I can safely say this setup will handle anything you throw at it. For now they can get me through what the UK’s winter has to punish me with until I strap them on again and head out into the unknown. I heard the 1000mile Iditarod trail in Alaska is nice this time of year….."

And the full story is here 




This package includes

    A SG-T2200 light unit - using 2*Cree XM-L U2 leds
    Helmet mount and Headstrap mount
    6600 MaH 6 cell battery pack in tight fitting rubber case
    Battery pouch with velcro straps
    2* rubber mounting rings (luminous green)
    UK smart charger

T2200 - description 

    Light source: 2xCREE XM-L U2 LEDs Luminosity: 2200 lumens
    LED Lifespan: 50,000 hours
    Battery pack: 6*18650 cells 8.4V/6.6AH Charging Time: 4 hours
    Run time: 3 hours at full power 30 hours on low power
    Size: L50 x W45 x H40 mm
    Weight: light unit 90 grams Battery pack 330 grams
    Manufactured by: Sanguan Technology for BrightBikeLights


Really great unit - lightweight and tough and has a great light pattern. Also very easy to use even with gloves on


Having used many lights before this is my favourite, by far!  i love the operation, never having to strobe or turn off to adjust light levels is brilliant, easy and most importantly safe.  I also like the fact it starts at low with three more brighter settings before looping back to low.  After all that's how you start using it early in the evening, on is also compatible with other magic shine style batteries so I use small two cell in the summer season.


These lights are truly awesome! I am a road cyclist and often train in the evenings on dark roads, this light is miles better than any light I have ever seen.  10/10Also a great, fast service. 


I bought this light primarily for mountain biking. It delivers the goods for me. Well built, it takes the bashing my offs give it, so far no signs of damage. The power output and beam configuration light up logs rocks & roots really well. I find it best when helmet mounted to maximise contrast shadows. Battery life is more than adequate for an evenings ride, recharging is easy enough and the LED on the charger takes away the guess work. Buttons easy to use even when wearing gloves. Another benefit is the colour changing battery state indicator and if it's helemet mounted, your cycling buddies can alert you if it's running down. A nice bit of kit and worth the outlay for quality.


I use this light for commuting on my cross bike , for MTBing off road and on the odd occasion as a headlamp for running or walking the dog ! I too like the way it goes up the lighting levels starting at 10%..very logical. The switch has a positive feel and I like being able to toggle the strobe on/off using the right hand switch. The strobe is very effective for getting car drivers attention ! It's all fast to get on and off the handlebars. I have yet it fully drain the supplied 6 cell battery , but I carry a spare 2 cell magic shine one as well as it's compatible with them and runs for quite a time on such a battery if you keep it in lower power mode. 


Brilliant light unit ! Compact and excellent quality with amazing light output. Service from Bright Bike Lights was second to none, great communication and goods were delivered super fast !!I would recommend both this light and the Company to anyone who needs a quality product backed by an excellent supplier.


Recently bought this product for mountain biking and really happy with it. The beam gives a good spread and its easy to use while moving. Best of all its great value for money!


An excellent quality light, well made, compact, light and durable. I can't fault the power and spread of the beam. Battery life is good and it's so easy and intuitive to use even with gloves over rough terrain. My only small gripes would be the battery pouch can move around without additional strapping and the flashing strobe mode could be slower - it is extremely fast and possibly rather irritating to oncoming traffic. Since I use the light for 95% off-road the latter point means it's no big issue for me.


I bought this light not long after dabbling with a similar, but cheaper unit bought on ebay.  The extra money spent is definitely worth it and reflected in the build quality of the lamp unit, and the much more significant battery life.  The way it switches with the separate strobe button is also much more useful as I never really use that (as it's so bright) and it's a pain having to switch through  the strobe function on my cheaper lights.I’ve used the light on local cross country night rides and the light output is great.  Most of the time I only use it on the 50% setting which I find to be more than enough.     The accessories, and in particular the helmet band are also very sturdy.  I would definetely recommend this light. 


Excellent and friendly service, very quickly dispatched. How the internet should be. Used the light twice and it works perfectly, nice and bright just as i wanted. First class all round. 


Not too sure how many photo eplipsy sufferers I may affect on my commutes, but the 2 lower settings have been more than ample for the couple of foggy mornings I've had so far this autumn. Great service from Trevor too.


Best front light I have ever had. I am only using it on the second setting which is usually light enough for country lanes. I have been reluctant to use the strobe as it is super quick and might be annoying to fellow oncoming road users, although it might come in handy to anyone who keeps their high beam on!! The light unit is very light and so easy to take off the handlbars. The power unit can be left on the bike to charge if you have a mains unit handy to plug in at your bike storage area.A great service from Trevor as well, as received the unit plus rear light in 2 days. Thankyou for your help and advice as well


Bought this for night riding and winter audaxes. So far, this has proved to be an exceptionally bright light -even at the lower power levels. The long operating times also mean no worries of running out of power. In terms of reliability, the first light I received stopped working after a few hours, but Trevor at BrightBikeLights happily and speedily replaced it for me. As the light looks to be so well engineered, this failure looks to have been a rare occurrence and the service provided was excellent and hassle-free. The replacement looks to be performing well.In terms of future improvement, all I would suggest is a USB charging option for the battery pack and perhaps the option of a smaller battery too.I'd recommend this light as I would buying from 

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