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Dual beam angle - remote switch - 1600 lumens
Dual beam angle - remote switch - 1600 lumens
Dual beam angle - remote switch - 1600 lumens
Dual beam angle - remote switch - 1600 lumens
Singletrack Reviewed and Recommended

StarryLight RX02 - Dual beam angle

Reviewed and RECOMMENDED by Singletrack (October 2015) - full review in 'reviews' section

New for 2015 - this is a great light with some unique design features - available as 4 cell standard or 6 cell extended version

Angled Dual Beam design - one beam for close up one for further away

Optional handlebar mountable remote switch (that works really well!)

Very compact and tough design giving up to 1600 lumens, with battery level indicator

Also available with bar extender and rear light 


At BrightBikeLights - we believe we've found another really fantastic light ! (and we've tested it extensively) ....

The new StarryLight RX02 has some unique design features making this a great choice for both serious off-road mountain bikers and bike commuters alike.

This is the first light we've seen at BrightBikeLights which has an angled dual beam system - one beam for close up in front and one for further away.  This is achieved by the offsetting of the angles of the two beams.  The result is a ribbon of light in front of the rider - great if you are riding down seriously rock trails at night or riding potholed roads at speed.

The RX02 also features an easily viewable battery level indicator consisting of 4 bright green / red leds segments on the rear of the light.


This is a very compact light unit - it is also tough and very solidly constructed.

Another feature unique to this light is the remote switch.  The RX02 features a standard waterproofed switch on the top of the unit but it also features an optional remote switch which can be connected to the rear of the light unit via a small plug in connection.  This lead is connected to a weatherproofed rubber strip which can be attached to the handlebars using the supplied velcro.  This weatherproofed rubber switch contains FOUR switches  - each carrying out the same function of altering the light levels and turning the unit ON/OFF.  The fact that there are FOUR switches actually works really well in practice when altering the level in the dark most importantly without the need to remove hands from the bars or brakes.

The RX02 is supplied with a helmet mount for easily mounting onto a cycle helmet.

The RX02 is an excellent light for mounting on to a headstrap (not included but see the 'Spares' section) due to it's lightweight size and compact design.  


Supplied with a Solarstorm 4 cell rechargeable li-ion battery pack containing weather resistant screw fit connector between the battery and light unit.  The battery pack is weatherproofed in a silicon case and supplied in a fabric case with velcro straps for mounting onto bars or frame.  Also available with a high quality six cell extended Samsung battery pack (8400 MaH).

This is a fantastic light system with some unique design features.  With 1600 lumens of light directed where you need it due to the dual beam design. 

The RX02 works really well with the light extender mount below (in the 'Spares' section).  The extender mount is inexpensive and is just the best way to mount lights - centrally and away from cables.

This package includes                                     Singletrack RECOMMENDED October 2015

    RX02 light unit (105g) using 2 * CREE XM-L2 U2 led
       with power indicator system, temperature control system
        Mode - Low-Mid-Hi  Push and hold switch for On/Off
        Lumens 1600 - 800 - 300
        Runtimes 2hr 40min -  5hr 20min - 10hr 30mins
    Battery pack in silicon case and mounting case
        4 * 18650 li-ion cells
    UK smart charger
    Remote switch
    Velcro strip for mounting remote switch
    Light mounting rings
    Helmet mount

Also available with bar extender and rear light

Cell Options: 
4 cell standard

This is a great all round light unit - suitable for commuting and mountain biking.  I love the way that the remote switch works so well in letting you change the light level without taking your hands off the bars and brakes - it feels much safer doing it this way.  Also the light levels are low-middle-high - then back to low - there is no 'off' in this cycle.  Again much safer.  The two angled beams really present a 'throw' of light right in front of where you are riding and it projects a long way down the trail.  Brilliant compact and well made light unit.

mike sharp

Very impressed with this light. It certainly produces plenty of what you need. On narrow trails the shadows do strange things that does not happen with a wider light but that gives more of a speed perspective. The light is put exactly where you need it. Better than my £150 Luddite Lumacy of a few years ago and I thought hat was good. And I like the fact that the beam strength rotates it does not go black on you. A gret deal.


The following is taken 'Word for Word' from the Singeltrack Review of the RX02 (October 2015). The RX02 received a coveted Singletrack RECOMMENDED award"I did do a double-take on the price of this light. A 1600 lumen headlamp and battery set for that little could be what many riders are after.If you’re not a dedicated disciple of the dark world, or if you just have better things to spend your money on, then this light is well worth a look.There are two LEDs, arranged one on top of the other rather than side by side, this is claimed to offer much better illumination of things just in front of your wheel (and similar to what’s offered on the Moon ADJ). There’s a square, nylon-wrapped battery that will Velcro on just about anywhere, with a screw-together connector. The lamp attaches with rubber O-rings to the bars and there’s a socket for the supplied remote switch. This bizarrely features four switches on a flat rubber strip that all do exactly the same thing which is to duplicate the single switch on the lamp head.The lamp has an array of green LEDs that constantly tell you the battery status and are quite dazzlingly bright and rather annoying. Some translucent electrical tape would probably sort them if you’re bothered.And so, how does it ride? Very impressively actually. Running these lights on the same bars as ones costing nearly ten times the price and there wasn’t that much in it. 1,600 lumens, which it claims (and I’d agree) will run for 2hrs 40 is still pretty bright and if you dip your lights for the road and climbs, you’ll get a good four or five hour ride. Downsides? The connector felt a bit flimsy and the narrow, tall lamp isn’t the most secure, but just get a stronger O-ring if it wobbles.Overall: A great, simple, light that’ll suit half of the night riders I ride with for a decent price. I’m impressed."Singletrack October 2015  

Graham Bunting (not verified)

Quick delivery and a very nice light.. Many thanks


Had this for a month now & realise how dangerous it was to ride before I had it! I've mounted it on my fork so it's low down & the dual beams work very well whilst still allowing me to change mode with the remote switch on the handlebars, though it does get muddy down there.Service from Bright bike lights was superb when the remote switch was faulty.

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